My name is Rose Ellen Pendleton, I am 30 years old from in Southern California on August 22, 1987. I was born in Southern California and I began my adventure in entertainment at the age of four (4) years old. This is my story.

INTRODUCTION (1991 – 1999)

I began acting at the young age of 4 years old in a Christmas theatrical production for my church. It was the children’s performance that all of Sunday School children perform in, and I hated it. I remembers being dressed as a flower and they told us if we forget any lyrics just to lip sync the words “Jim likes to eat lots of Watermelon” over and over. I was petrified of all the adults watching in awe… but that’s a different story. I continued Christmas plays throughout the years, but never enjoyed theatrical acting. In the seventh grade my English teacher assigned us a book report and gave us several options including “make a short film” under 7 minutes long. So my family got together and helped me film a movie based on a Wishbone book called “The Case of the Missing Bulldog Head”.

After the production, (I got an A+!), I expressed my interest in becoming a film director and my grandma bought me my first video camera. Over the next ten years I filmed 25+ short films for fun with my best friend and that is when I realized my love for cameras whether it’s in front or behind them I fell in love.

In the year 2000, I participated in my first runway show as a model for my school’s dress code and decided I wanted to go to Hollywood for both acting and modeling. At the age of 14, my mom took me to Beverly Hills where I had my first professional photo shoot, received a list of agencies, and bought headshots and zed cards. I was determined to get into the industry and went back and forth for auditions and acting classes in Los Angeles every week. Unfortunately I learned my age (a minor) was causing a lot of problems for acting roles since most choose to cast “18 to play younger” due to work laws. Modeling gigs were easier to get and over the 4 years I struggled to land any roles.



In August of 2005, I FINALLY made it to the magical number of 18 years old. My mom wished me luck out in Los Angeles, but helped me turn my story titles Conquest Before Dawn in to a full script and feature length film. Meanwhile, I went full force and I landed 3 roles including my first full length feature film Zombies Ate My Prom Date (2008). Unfortunately two of the roles fell through, Conquest Before Dawn never finished filming, and it wasn’t for two more years that ZAMPD began filming. I opened my first website as a professional networking site for my acting career.


In the year 2006, I signed onto a production called “Baby, I’m Just Bad News” as a Producer and Production Assistant to learn more behind the camera. In 2007, I decided to change my approach entirely and changed my name to Emma Rose Evans and my photography to ERE Photography. I focused more on modeling to get over my fear of people and walked my first real fashion show for the designer Kami Shade at Level 3 Nightclub in Hollywood and Highland.


I had so much fun two weeks later I DANCED for her again on stage at a show for a rock band named NAME HERE. I also was apart of the CD Artwork for BAND NAME HERE. I participated in a Shoe AD, a toenail jewelry ad for Jamie JEWELRY, and started a mini web show with my “production company” Whoa! Ducky Productions with my model friend Laura Daley called “Bonjour” for YouTube and did a series of photo shoots together to promote the show.


In the midst of all my modeling, acting auditions, crew and production work, I wanted more. I began working in the fall for Ultimate Exposures as a sports and school photographer during the day and IMP Entertainment as an event photographer during the night. I also began designing websites using “StereoSix Designs”. Later that year, I began modeling full time as a product model for the website Cutesy Shoes / Cutesy Girl until Autumn 2008 when I left IMP Entertainment and Cutesy Girl for a modeling job in Florida that didn’t end up working out.


I came back still craving more opportunities and began to post blogs about my work pursuits on the social site while opening still running my own professional networking site at and then (originally With my networking from IMP Entertainment events and fashion shows. I began to show interest more towards starting a clothing brand with all original designs. I began jumping from various names such as “Ragdoll Industries”, until arriving with the name I’m A Jerk Industries after overhearing a young fan talking to a musician after a show. On June 5, 2009, my clothing brand I’m A Jerk Industries launched its first collection called “Kids Like Me Don’t Get Famous”.

Kids like me photo

It consisted of fun graphic tees with unusual characters and handmade purses with fabrics of bumble bees and lady bugs. I flew around promoting non stop trying to get the attention of my favorite celebrities in hopes of my t shirt being worn by someone I loved. For my first showcase SHOWCASE NAME HERE I choose to use my design studio name “StereoSix Designs” because I was afraid the name wouldn’t catch as unique enough. However, later I learned that my brands name was what people loved most about my line it was the branding and clothing that wasn’t quite right. I quickly collaborated with Starry Eyed Bowtique for another collection released in September 2009 called “Monstrously Cute”. I I also signed onto a feature film called Weekend as the ditsy lost Emma Holkins _ and began filming in December. I was allowed to use several new t shirt design and accessory designs as my character’s costume.

In the beginning of 2010, we wrapped production and ZAMPD filming finally took place (IMBd Says 2008 but it wasn’t released until 2011). It was immediately filming I asked to be credited as Rose Pendleton for both roles. I launched my clothing brands next collection called “Lost In Venice, Found In Santa Monica” (2010) .


(2010 – 2017)