What’s In My Bag: Camping Edition (January 2018)

Hey loves! So I recently got a new backpack, sun hat, and accessories bag (it came as a set, but someone stole the other one). I’m obsessed with a desert theme right now.

Definitely bring a hat! Doesn’t matter the kind! And sunscreen 😛 of course I packed more than this ity bity bag.

See what I mean by obsessed with the desert theme lol. So I figured I would take photos for a “what’s in my bag”, but instead of my purse or backpack, I shot my essential tool bag for trips or camping (it’s clothes, gloves, beanie, etc) I am going to show you inside of my “camping tool bag”. That would be this guy! My favorite bag of all time right now!

I PERSONALLY need 😛 So, first things first, my phone case is “Armour Shell” a very strong super protective phone case. Heavy duty! If you drop it, the screen won’t be anywhere near the ground. The case goes almost a half an inch on each side plus top and bottom!

Definitely needed for trips especially camping (not like your phone will really live too long to begin with… unless you have a generator hah!

Starting at “9 o clock” and working clockwise: I have my cords, wall plug and not pictured my car adapter too. You know for the ride. Next is my glasses, followed by my necklace on a lanyard that holds my flashlight, my pepper spray, and a knife (again, not pictured sorry!). It’s my “protection” necklace if you get what I mean (duh…)

Next to my phone case is my stylus. Two portable chargers (explains the cords right? Lol), an LED reading light, and now, we made it to the FUN SIDE!

I of course brought my pipe, a torch lighter (probably a good idea to bring a spare lighter and matches…) plus my grinder that holds my green, grinds it, collects the keef, etc 😉 and lastly my wax pen & wax container.

Manditory shot. I have to show the color details on my bag cuz I went hog wild on photos…

See the beautiful magenta mixed in 🙂 it’s canvas material… needs to be washed lol

Remember you also need a bunch of other things, batteries, check the weather before the trip, etc. pack accordingly even if it’s a road trip, beach trip, Vegas trip, etc.

What are some things you would put in YOUR “tool kit” for a trip? Anything special? xoxo

PS! New Instagram for now! I will get my old ones back as soon as I can :/

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