Fashion Resume

this includes modeling, fashion design & styling that i have done. it does not include personal “outfit of the days” for my blog, it does include sponsored styling that i have done for my blog.



“RAW Hollywood: BOLD” by Designer: Coruscate Innovations (September 2015)

“RAW OC: Ensemble” by Designer: L’Enfants Terrible (October 2013)

“RAW LA: Ensemble” Designer: Killah Cute (October 2013)

“Life Is Styles Design Fashion Show” Designer: Life is Styles (November 2009)

“Midnite Theory” Designer: Kami Shade (July 2007)

“Level 3 Nightclub” Designer: Kami Shade (May 5, 2007)


“The Name’s Ponyboy” by (September 2013) … Editorial

“Body Glam” by Designer: Jamie Devline (Summer 2011) … Advertisement

“Brit Boy Fashions” by Bizness Magazine (Summer 2011) … Editorial

“Search & Destroy/Ping Ping & Rabbit” by I’m A Jerk Magazine (Fall 2010) … Editorial

“U.T.W. Lookbook” by Designer: Madison (May 2009) … Lookbook

“Subject Two Change CD” by Subject Two Change (June 2009) … CD Booklet (Video | Photos)

“Senior Portraits” by Halverson (June 2005) … Advertisement Web/Online

“Cutesy Shoes” by (August 2007 – December 2007) … Product Images


“Jadakiss CD Release Party” by (April 2009) … Promotional

“Nouveau Nails Launch” by Nouveau Nails (October 2007) … Promotional


“ New Collection” (November 2015)

“ #IfChic24” (October 2015)

“Marijuana Packaging Lipstick Pipe” (February 2015)

“Biology Boutique x Rosie Says Hello” (August 2015)

“ My Vegas Style” (August 2014)

“Dollskill Blogger Love” (March 2014)

“ SS2014 Spring Is Here” (February 2014)

“ Featured Member of the Day” (November 2014)

“Dark Heart Designs” (December 2013)

“How To Style: ShopLuvB” (November 2013)

“How To Style: Sabana Accessories” (November 2013)

“ AW2013 Less Is More” (November 2013)

“How To Style: Motel Rocks” (September 2013)

“Fashion Insider” by StoryLeather (October 2012)
“Hollywood Fashion” by The Hollywood Oracle (October 2011)
“The Mind Behind I’m A Jerk Industries” by Lemonade Magazine (February 2011)
“Emma Rose Evans” by (August 2009)

“Emma Rose Evans Interview” by aZTeen Magazine (October 2008)

FASHION DESIGN (I’m A Jerk Industries, StereoSix, Rose Pendleton, Lilac Babes)


RAW Artists Presents: Ensemble (OC FASHION WEEK) (October 2013)

RAWards 2011 City Semi Finals (AWARD SHOW) (December 2011) … Best Accessory Designer: Nominated

RAW Artists Presents Pulse (LA FASHION WEEK) (October 2011)

Universal Sunday Presents: Ties & Pearls (LA FASHION WEEK) (2010)

Chillforlife Showcase (LA FASHION WEEK) (2010)

Fashion Aid 2009 (2009)

Jade Entertainment Presents Show N Prove (2009)


Highland Community News eStilos Trunk Show … Advertisement (2011)

Lemonade Magazine Feature (2011)

Search & Destroy/Ping Ping & Rabbit Editorial (October 2010)

Harlow Magazine Feature (2009)

Films/Music Videos/ETC.

“Shock and Awe” by Odain Watson (2011) … Music Video

“iluvulikeiluvmyself” by LOUTSEATER (2011) … Music Video

Weekend (2011) … Feature Film (Character: Emma Holkins)

Sponsored Events

Art Show Featuring I’m A Jerk Industries (January 2015)

Mad Girl Productions Presents “Wayward” (LA FASHION WEEK) (October 2013)

eStilos Boutique Trunk Show Featuring I’m A Jerk Industries (September 2011)

Indigo Planet Records Present a Benefit for Invisible Children w/ I’m A Jerk Industries (2009)

I Won’t Sleep Summer Tour (w/ Chris Ryan) (2009)


this is under construction.

my clothing designs have gone through several names inlcuding StereoSix, I’m A Jerk Industries, MouthDust, Wild Violet, Rogue Daisies, Rose Pendleton, and most recently Lilac Babes.