Hello: Behind The Scenes – Lilac Babes β€’ Wanderers of the Night S/S 2017 Lookbook Shoot

Hey guys so I’ve been holding off on posting so many photos from last year it’s ridiculous! I was trying to wait until I fixed the LilacBabes.com website for the new upcoming collection which will hopefully be able to launch sometime before Summer…

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Anywho! These photos are the “behind the scenes” photos of ONE of the photo shoots I did last November. The clothing sold out SO QUICK! Thank you guys so much!

Two other things! My baby Bambi went missing right before Halloween, and I haven’t been able to find him anywhere since. I’m going to start a Facebook page for him being lost in hopes to reach out to more people! He has been apart of every single photo shoot since I got him as a baby two years ago, and has quite the modeling portfolio. I’m devastated that he’s gone and haven’t been able to focus on anything since his disappearance.

He went missing October 26, 2017 in San Bernardino, CA near Cal State San Bernardino. He’s 4lbs full grown. Fawn colored with long hair. He’s half Yorkshire Terrier and half Chihuahua. Very friendly and rarely barks except at other dogs. He was wearing a black collar with white skulls.

If you know anything about his disappearance or know where he might be please let me know! No questions asked, I just miss him terribly and want him home. You can view more photos on his Instagram @bambiisajerk and contact rose@rosiesayshello.us with any information. I’ll post about the Facebook page when I make it. My search will never end until I find him or find what happened to him πŸ™

Lastly, Lilac Babes will be continuing as both my online shop AND I am going to be making original designs as well! My old clothing brand I’m A Jerk Industries will come back when I have a chance to work on it. My main focus is Lilac Babes, because I find it fun and think anything you do in life should be something you WANT to be doing. Lilac Babes will still only sell items in all shades of purple and OUT OF THIS WORLD apparel, accessories, & beauty products (aka aliens, outer space, UFO’s, etc.) the only difference will be some of the items are going to be original designs! I’m excited so I hope you are too! πŸ™‚

Wish me luck with my search for my baby Bambi and spread the word please! He means the world to me. You have no idea.

Today I will be signing up for a new Instagram page as well I’m not sure of the username yet so stay tuned!

xo, Rose

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DIY Crafts: Fixing for Fixing

Hey guys! So lately I’ve been really into making new things out of broken and miscellaneous stuff. I found this gold box with a side broken. I wanted to turn it into a jewelry box by taking the broken wood out. Unfortunately, the box is no longer… but I have tons of other things I’ve collected including a cool metal “R” that I’m going to put on either one of my pink accessory bags or my backpack πŸ˜› I’m also reconstructing an old leather shoulder bag / handbag cuz I love it to much to part just because the zipper broke and the strap is gone…


I found a lavender wine bottle and used it as a vase. I’m adding dead rose petals to the bottom like potpourri and possibly going to add charms or confetti, little hearts and other shapes inside the vase as well until it’s almost full to the top πŸ˜€

Do you enjoy DO IT YOURSELF arts and crafts? I also just found the CRAFT section at Wal Mart like an idiot! Never knew it even existed! Time for glue… and maybe glitter glue too! Think of all the crafts I can create just for $2 πŸ˜€

Be patient and I’ll start to post all my many craft project. I’m also reconstructing these old glasses into new purple ones… πŸ™‚ I’m super excited about them!

Be sure to check out my Snapchat: rosependleton to see photos as I work on all my future craft projects!

Great news too! You also might want to head to Rosie Says Hello’s YouTube channel @rosiesayshello for some exciting upcoming RSH TV. I can’t tell you TOO many details but… just know you should subscribe πŸ˜›

Until next time my loves!



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