Latest Obsessions: New Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Hey guys! So a few days ago I received a really nice gift! Some super amazing lingerie! Not regular lingerie, but really fancy things! Check it out 😉 (This is from last month! So sorry for late post!)

Lets start with the upper pieces! I got a white innocent non padded bra and a silky black sports bra. Then I got this nude body halter that I’m in love with!

For the bottom part I got some really cool things I’ve never owned before! Everything is nude except one piece of silk white panties… these ones are all high waisted body forming. Some have no butt cheeks 😉 while others have cute little pockets for the butt! One has cheetah print too I’m in love!

Then for the more “regular” pairs I got high waisted body forming nude undies with little booty pockets tee hee! They’re from the brands “Yummie” and “Barely There”.

These are my thin silky white panties. Very pretty! The last thing I got was a black silk robe from Victoria Secrets.

It’s short sleeved! I love it. I kind of went a little bit selfie happy in my new stuff. Some of this stuff is for private use behind doors, but some of it will be used in my next photoshoot! Super excited 😀

How was your Valentine’s Day? Any gifts? Chocolate? Making love? Hope you love birds had a perfect day! xoxo

PS! New Instagram for now! I will get my old ones back as soon as I can :/

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